Seems to be some confusion on how to get a Varsity Letter In CC. Here are the details:

I will give out ten Varsity letters for the top ten points leaders. I will also give out Varsity letters (more than 10) if we have that many score over 16 points. I do not have to give out ten girls and ten boys varsity letters. How to get points. 7 =1ST, 6=2ND, 5=3RD, 4=4TH, 3=5TH, 2=6TH, 1=7TH-10TH and 5 coaches points.

Points are scored by meets. Just coming to practice does not give you points. Not coming can take away the 5 subjective points the coaches will give.

If you have NEVER received a Varsity Letter you will receive one as a Senior because of your hard work. If you are injured I feel for you but you will not receive a letter if you all ready have one. It is not fair to the people who want to be one of the ten who get one. You will have to earn enough points as a senior if you all ready have a varsity letter.

All captains in good standing will receive a varsity letter.