Dear Guardians: My biggest goal here is to make these runners feel like a team. Once I can accomplish that we will all benefit because we will feel more united. There are a few things that have come up that need to be addressed. I personally don’t have many rules. My thought in most cases is I do things until somebody says I can’t (unless of course I was told ahead of time). At my age you’ve seen just about everything, especially being in business so long. Your runners are very dear to me and my wife. So, there is a few things I need your help with:

#1 – Any runner who has an unexcused absence from any practice before a race will NOT be able to run that race. I am very
easy to get a hold of. You have until midnight of that missed practice to tell me what is going on. Everything your
runner tells me. The last thing I want to do is not let someone run in a race. I don’t care who they are. Your runner will sign a form tonight. This is the 5th time I have brought this up to the runners.

#2 – Attendance at meets. I expect all runners (injured or not) to come to all the meets and support there teammates.
I also expect all runners to stay and ride the bus home. We are a team. If there is an unusual circumstance I will
understand. I had a daughter in show choir, when the meet meet was over we would sign her out and drive to where
ever show choir was. We never signed her out because we wanted her to come home. ONLY the legal guardian can
sign out a runner. Anything else has to be approved by the activity office before hand. Your signed permission slip
is not good enough (I don’t make this rule) The bus will not leave the running site until all runners are accounted for.
Only, Syl Groeschl, Chelsea Roth, Bill Biel or Linda Groeschl can sign out your runner. Again, I expect every runner to
come on the bus and come home on the bus!

I will put all of my information under the MIsc side bar in case you misplaced the info. Please help me with this situation.

thanx syl g