Obviously, all the work we put in this past week paid off once again.  Our boys took 3rd place out of 14 teams that ran hard in the 85 degree weather.  Most of our runners that ran last year did better this year which is a sign of more dedication to training.  Some times I wish there wasn’t so much interference with their running but a lot of these runners are also involved in band and show choir.  Just shows you the quality of our runners.  They have a few moments to relish there success and then they have to go do something else.  I give them credit for all the things they do.  They are taking advantage of their high school education.  Our second squad of boys dominated the other schools again by scoring another 19 point victory.  Miles Stuckey won his second race of the season with Kang Pan coming in right behind him.  The team almost had a perfect score of 15.  Only one runner got in there to stop  the sweep.  Reidar Snow took 4th, Riley Jauch took 5th, Ryan Cox was 6th, Kaleb Martin 8th and Evan Burnside was 12th.

Our girls had another awesome outing taking 2nd overall out of 10 teams.  Samantha Henry led the way for us taking 5th overall with Alayna Borgwardt and Samantha Henry taking 10th and 11th.  Anneka Dorn came in 19th followed by Lexi Slagle in 27th and Darby Schabacker in 28th.  Really,great day for our girls team.  Our second squad had their own good day also.  Allie Miller won the race with Presley Belk taking 3rd and Bailey Brookhiser taking 4th followed by Abbie Bilz, Shay Anderson and Elizabeth Patrick.

Next Saturday we will be at the Midwest meet in Janesville. We will be running 2 Frosh/Soph races and 2 Junior/Senior races followed by our Middle school team racing at 12:45pm.