I need all runners at the school by 6:35 am so we can leave at 6:45.  We will leave if you aren’t there.  If I wasn’t there I would expect Coach Chelsea and Coach Mike to leave without me.

Conners group are in charge of the things we need for the meet and the pasta feed on Friday night.

Race times are will be approximately as follows:  9:30 – Varsity Girls  —  10:10 – Varsity Boys  —  10:50 – JV girls  —  11:30 – JV Boys.  The only time for sure is the Varsity Girls.  All other races depend on when all the runners from a race have finished.

Get your zzzzzzzzzzz’s Friday night.  You need to be at home thinking about your race not in Monona Grove watching football.  I don’t care about football I care about Cross Country.

Let’s stop the bottom feeding at Lodi Invitational!