HEY GUYS (THE RUNNERS) A mom let me know you guys thought I was mad at you.  That is the last thing in the world that would ever happen.  I even feel bad for the couple of kids that have ridiculous parents guiding them.  I can never be mad or disappointed in you guys. I was talking to the administration.

It goes to show you how things put on paper can be interpreted.  I see now how the people in power read things into what I said and then took them in a way I never intended it.  When the administration said I was “Passive-Aggressive” to you guys they must of took what I said and made it into this big mountain which I never intended it to mean.  See, even all these smart college educated people can be that uninformed.  My father used to have this saying for college-educated people (I was one) but I really shouldn’t put it here.  You have probably heard it before.

Something I need you guys to do the next few days is thank a veteran.  Sunday is veteran’s day.  Try to find one you know and thank them for there service.  Trey and Travis has a dad that is serving oversee’s so thank those guys.  Always treat veteran’s great, they deserve it.  They keep our country safe.  I never agree with war after the vietnam thing but sometimes it has to be done so everybody on earth can see freedom.  Don’t ever take a veteran for granted.  The only way you can ever see how great the United States is, is to leave to protect it.  There is no greater place than the United States.  Don’t ever disrespect a veteran the way I have been.  Learn from what you have seen here.