Everybody who helped with the float thank you. Hope to see most of you in the parade with our float.

Remember, after the parade meet at the High School for the stuff from American Awards. We also have t-shirts from Rock Run that need to be payed for.

Taryn’s group is responsible for tent and things tomorrow (sat 9/26). Please be aware of that.

The bus leaves at 7:15am tomorrow. You can only leave the meet if your parents sign you out. The last race is 1pm for the middle school runners.

Please be on top of when your race is. We are not going to hold your hands. Get with the person who is in charge of your race and do the course with that group.

9am Girls 9/10 – 9:40 boys 9/10 – 10:15 varsity girls — 10:55 boys varsity — 11:30 jv girls

12:10 jv boys — middle school 12:45

Make sure you are cheering on your team always.

Also, Homecoming is a time of great happiness and partying. Let make sure ever body stays SAFE during the next few days. We want all of you to have fun but we want all of you to be here when it is all over.

sg and lg and cr and bb and mp