Week of 6/13 thru 6/17

We had another good week of practice.  We had 30 on Monday, 25 on Wednesday and 26 today.  I introduced my 1st to co-captains of the season.  Cameron Pumilia and Sydney Miller.  That leaves 4 postions left. We will now be adding more interesting workouts to mix it up...

Pasta Sponsors

Any family or families that would like to sponsor a Pasta Party please look at the meets and let me know which one you would like “S”

Week of 6/6 – 6/10

I am really impressed by the turn out for our 1st week of running.  It was great to see soccer and vollerball players join.  I am truly grateful to see you guys take this serious. Monday  28 Wednesday  33 Friday  27 KEEP IT UP GUYS  ...

Monday 6/6

TOTALLY IMPRESSED!  Last year on the 1st day I had 4 people show up.  This year we had 29 show up.  You guys are awesome   ‘s’