Most of you should be proud of your accomplishments this year.  We jumped a few hurdles, climbed up one rung on that Badger South ladder and some of you ran your best race at sectionals the way you were trained to do.  If you feel bad, you get 10 minutes to get over your pitty party.  What we do here is not life changing.  I would like all of you to work on one thing for me during the off season (besides run).  We need to work on better team unity.  If we do that we can achieve so much more as a team.  It is not about one individual or you yourself, it is about all of us.  It is more fun to be part of this team than to buck everything we are trying to do as a team.  You can still be the best you can be and then hopefully that will encourage all of us to be better.


S   See you in 151 days.