Another good week for a the runners who came.  We had over 20 every morning and over 12 every night.  I could tell that things are paying off for the runners who shown up.  Some of you had band so understand why you weren’t here.  Remember your education is the most important thing you are doing.  On Sunday Coach Chelsea and I are going learn CPR so we can save you if we have to.  Sunday night at 7pm we have our CC sign up a the high school.  Get that paperwork and money in so we don’t have to sit you down.

Was great to see how many 7th and 8th graders showed up for practice.  Looks like the Milton Youth Cross Country team is going to be pretty darn good.

Also, we are having a pot luck supper on Sunday August 14th at 6pm at the high school cafeteria for all families that want to have a meet and greet.  Hope you all can make it.  More details at the meeting.