From Thursday 7/14 until Tuesday 7/19 I will be gone to South Dakota for my daughter.  While I am gone practice will still be conducted.  Cameron, Sydney, Conner and Noah K will be in charge of Friday and Monday and Coach Chelsea will be in charge of Thursday and Tuesday.  Please don’t think because I am not here you shouldn’t come.  They will be taking attendance.

A thank you goes out to Bailey’s mom for the awesome brownies’s for Bailey’s birthday.

A thank you goes out to The Talabac’s for the breakfast bars and to Nico for the breakfast bars.

All Freshman and Juniors who need a physical can get one on July 16 at 10 am at the high school for only $10. Please tell your parents.

It was great to see some new faces this week.  We are better as a TEAM than we are alone.