I want to thank all of the parents that brought stuff for our runners.  I was over whelmed by the support of those parents that went out of there way for all of our kids.  It is truly awesome how you people have stepped forward to help this team.  I will forever be great full to you.

Your runners will receive a Button tonight at practice.  Linda and I (mostly linda) worked on buttons all day yesterday so every one we took a picture of on Friday got a button. We will be getting pictures of the rest of them today we hope.   It is nice having your own button machine.

Also, I don’t know if you noticed but we bought a new tent for the team.  We will be getting Milton put on it next week.  The money we collected last year went towards this monster tent we cant put on the bus so Linda and I got this one for the team.  We are also cutting down on the crowding on the bus by carrying all of our misc stuff on the Cherokee.  Mr Hamill offered another bus but that cost is something the school district doesn’t need to spend.  The bus holds75 (infant) passengers so all the runners pitched in and are bringing less stuff so we can sit everybody comfortable.  Hopefully this will satisfy some of you who didn’t like our seating arrangements.