Pasta tonight will be at the Lopez Home.

We will not stop to eat after the race because it will go past the 9 hour rule.

The bus will leave at 1:45 so be on it.  They will give you early release at 1:30.

I some clothing at the River Valley meet that does NOT meet my standards, ant color but red/black/white is not acceptable.  It should have some kind of Milton or Milton CC on it.  (I am not talking about parents).  Some of you were hanging around the tent a little to much.  Cheering on your team every race is your job.

The Jamaican cool down can be fun but let’s take it a little more serious and make it helpful for your physical well being.  This is a team activity, don’t want to do it then maybe you shouldn’t be part of CC.

I would say overall we had a very good day at River Valley.  I was proud of how my team did but I was more proud of how you guys handled yourself at this meet.  It is a long day but this meet should of shown you that Cross Country is a real sport.  You saw a lot of good runners that make running a passion 24/7-365.  You don’t run an 18:45 as a freshman girl if you haven’t done the work to get there.

Everyone Pr’d at RV.  As predicted just about every one of you took a minute or more off of your times.  We are ahead of last year and that is a great thing.