I was really impressed how the whole team ran today.  We saw some pretty awesome teams today and we had a pretty good day ourselves.  We had 46 PR’S today and we saw runners achieve their Personal Best times in their career.  You guys should be proud of yourselves.  We have work to do but we are not done yet.

I am glad you guys have to chose who runs Varsity at these races.  The Varsity for Stoughton because of their times at Midwest are as follows:

1. Lauren Talabac 20:47————————————————————-Noah Krueger  17:18                           2.      Mady Moxley  22:09————————————————————— Davis Turk  18:21                            3.      Abby Burke  22:47—————————————————————–Devin Woodcock  18::23                 4.    Allie Miller  22:53——————————————————————–Jacob Snow  18:28                        5.   Sydney Miller  23:04—————————————————————Andrew Jordahl  18:58                     6.  Lexi Slagle  23:28——————————————————————-Brendon Harbrecht  19:07                 7.  Bailey Brookhiser 23:48———————————————————-Miles Stuckey   19:14

Times for the Midwest Invite can be found at harriersolutions.com/results.