Connors team is in charge of pasta clean up, bus stuff and Jamaican cool down. Connors family is holding past feed.

If you have not been excused from practice today and don’t come then you will not run tomorrow.

The bus leaves at 7am tomorrow 10/8.

To The Parents of my team

One of the most important things I have tried to do this season is to push team unity.  One other thing I have tried to do is get EVERYONE on this team to buy into this.  The last thing we do every meet is “The Jamaican Cool Down”.  If you take your child before this is done you our violating my policies.  What kind of precedence are your giving your child.  As a father of 3 daughters I always made my child follow the rules of the coach no matter how stupid I thought they were.  My children ALWAYS rode home with the team.  I understand these kids need to study, this is why I have made most of these meets on Saturdays.  I believe they need to be home at night studying and be with their families.  If your child needs to leave the team they will not leave until the cool down is done.  I cannot make rules happen for this team if the parents are going to break them.  I am not talking to just one family here, I am talking to all of you.  I am trying to build a new concept for Milton Cross Country.  For to long this sport has been a joke in Milton.  I have invested myself feet 1st into this sport.  I have made this sport my #1 priority in my life.  I expect the parents to follow my rules and if that can’t happen then maybe you and your child shouldn’t be part of Cross Country.