After the conference meet is over on 10/15 all runners who didn’t make varsity don’t have to show up for practice except on Monday 10/17.  That will be mandatory uniform turn in day for all the runners who didn’t make varsity.  I really need everyone to pay attention to this,.  I don’t want to wait until the banquet because people seem to forget or left them at home or they never give them back.  I had a problem with things not being returned last year and I am trying to get of that problem.  Please help me out here.

The banquet will be held on THURSDAY 10/27 at 6pm at the High School cafeteria.  Hopefully we have some state bound runners on 10/29.  Our daughter is having a C-section baby the next week so we need to be there for that.  That is that family thing again.  More info on the banquet will come at a later date.

Hope you all have a great weekend.   syl